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 Administration & Finance

Administration is responsible for recommending policy to Chief and Council and implementing their decisions. Key areas of responsibility include governance, housing, social development, education and training, contract administration, litigation, communication, human resources, finances, and membership.


Administration also assists Chief and Council in strategic decisions related to the nation, its businesses, and relations with industry.


ACFN’s Strategic Priorities for 2020-2023 are:


1.      Administrative Capacity Building

2.      Infrastructure

3.      Natural Resources and Environment

4.      Treaty Rights and Governance

5.      Health and Well-Being

6.      Economic Development

7.      Education


Senior Administrators are:

Maggie Farrington - Chief Executive Officer, ACFN & DLRM

Patricia Lepine - Band Administrator, Fort Chipewyan

Shirley Cardinal - Human Resources Director


Michelle Voyageur - Chief of Operations

Larry Hewko - Acting Chief Financial Officer.

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