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Important information if you’re planning on going back to school!

Please note the following deadlines when applying for ACFN education grant funding:

  • Fall Term (September) - July 31

  • Winter Term (January) - November 30

  • Spring/Summer Term (May - Aug) - March 31


To apply:


1. Read ACFN Education Grant Policy and apply:


2. Include the checklist with your application:



Program Priorities


Priorities for approval of applications are based on the following categories:


1st Priority: Currently Funded Students
Continuing from the past to current academic year without a break in studies.


2nd Priority: Students who just completed their High School Diploma and/or requirements to receive acceptance into an educational institution.


3rd Priority: UCEP (Pre-Tech.)
Upgrading/trade students who can complete their diploma or acquire the necessary prerequisites to enter an approved post-secondary program within two semesters.


4th Priority: New Post-Secondary Students
Students who have met college or university academic requirements and are accepted into a program of studies by an approved post-secondary institution.


5th Priority: Reimbursement Students who are requesting reimbursement of books and tuition upon successes completion of course (s).


6th Priority: Probation
Students who are returning after completion of a suspension period due to unapproved withdrawal or termination by institute and/or Post-Secondary Education Counselor.

Important Information for those that have received their high school diploma

ACFN chief and council recently approved two High School Grant Incentives:


  • High School Graduation Incentive - High School Graduation Incentive is to support ACFN members who have successfully completed a high school diploma. The application can be found here.

  • High School Graduation Continuing Education Incentive - High School Continuing Education Incentive is to support (ACFN) members who have successfully completed a high school diploma and are immediately continuing into post-secondary studies.

  • If you would like to know more or how to apply for the incentives, please contact ACFN’s Education Coordinator Rianna Flett 780-370-7585

**New Scholarship Available!**

The DLRM Nı̨h chu Tu (Land and Water) Scholarship application is now available.

  • The application is open between August 15 and September 30.

  • Email if you need more information.



For more information contact: 

Riana Flett with Jenny Marten

Education Coordinator


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Are you interested in bursaries and scholarships?

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