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DLRM Initiatives


Ronald Lake Bison

The Ronald Lake Bison herd is a distinct and unique herd located on ACFN traditional territory. ACFN monitors this herd for future sustainability.

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Wood Buffalo National Park: An Untold History

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Nih Boghodi: We are the stewards of our land

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As The River Flows

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ACFN Dene Place Naming Project

Water Quality Criteria for Indigenous Use (WQCIU)

ACFN DLRM has developed a document called the Water Quality Criteria for Indigenous Use (WQCIU), which contains sediment and surface water quality criteria to protect indigenous water use. This document can be used by industry, Indigenous communities, government, and regulatory agencies to assess possible changes in conditions of surface water and sediment conditions and potential health risk to human and ecological receptors from the releases of contaminants of concerns from oilsands surface mining (and other industrial development) to the Athabasca River, Athabasca Delta and Lake Athabasca.

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