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Elders Council

ACFN Elders Council

The Elders Council was formed over 15 years ago by the Denesuline Elders Committee.  ACFN Elders that are over 65 meet with each other and at times with ACFN and DLRM departments providing strategic advice and guidance on multiple files for the First Nation.  Among the successes of the Elders Council are the Elders Declarations for North of the Firebag River and the Protection of the Ronald Lake Bison.


The Elders Council is distinctive and often share their Traditional Knowledge from their life long experiences.  This knowledge and experience help shape policies, guide relationships with industry and government and provide strategic direction and guidance for our ACFN staff and leadership.


Most importantly our Elders Council provides us the history of our Treaty and grounds us to understand and always protect our Treaty rights today and for generations to come.

Elders Declaration 2010

In 2010 the ACFN Elders Council convened to create a declaration that would serve as a foundation to guide ACFN leadership in protecting and preserving ACFN traditional homelands, culture and rights.


Read the Full Declaration HERE

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