Youth & Elders

Our Denesusline culture is very important to our nation and We are proud to present the ACFN Uncle Fred Youth and Elders lodge


Historically , the Elders of the ACFN had envisioned a facility that would engage our Youth and elders together through the Denesusline way of living. In collaboration with leadership and our youth this envisioned dream has been worked into a reality! 

In November 2017, ACFN was pleased to announce the opening of the Charlie Voyageur Conference Centre, located beside the Uncle Fred Youth and Elders Lodge. This beautiful new facility can host larger groups and meetings.


Wholly owned and operated by the ACFN , our centre provides the opportunity for everyone to join together in cultural activities. 


Annually,  there are the seasonal harvests in which we take our Youth and Traditional elders out on the homelands to hunt, fish and trap. Many more activities within the ACFN Uncle Fred Youth and Elders lodge include programs such as:


Denesusline language courses, fish harvest, spring harvest, fall moose hunt, beading courses, Mukluk/ Moccasin courses and many more programs!


It is imperative to know and understand on who you are and where you come from and we are K'ai Taile - Denesusline people.


We will continue to practice and teach our youth to carry forward our traditional way of life for now and the generations to come!


For further Information please contact the ACFN Youth & Elders Lodge by calling  (780) 697-3207.