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We are the K'ai Tailé Déne, "people of the land of the willow"; our name signifies our deep-rooted connection with the rich and vast landscapes at the delta of the Peace and Athabasca Rivers, lands which we have traditionally survived on and connected with for thousands of years. Whether it be hunting, trapping, fishing, or gathering, these lands have provided for our people since time immemorial and continue to support the traditional ways of the K'ai Tailé Déne.

K'ai Tailé Déne are ancestors of the present-day Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) and signed Treaty No. 8 in Fort Chipewyan 1899; the Treaty acknowledged our inherent and cultural connection with the land. ACFN members continue to exercise our rights and culture and maintain our identity as K'ai Tailé Déne, and continue to be the people of the land of the willow.  

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