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Important Notices:

If you have moved, please don't forget to update your address with ACFN Membership.


Treaty Cards cannot be mailed out. They MUST be issued in person.

Applying for an Indian Status Card - If you are born after April 17, 1985:

An 'Application for Registration of an Adult' must be filled out. This application can be obtained from DIAND, First Nations or Aboriginal associations and Aboriginal friendship centres.  Visit INAC's web site  for more information.


If you do not have a Treaty Number, then the registration process is as follows:


For a Child (15 or younger)

o  Please attach the original birth document for the child

o  Please attach a copy of the valid ID for the parent applying for the child

o  A guarantor Declaration is needed to be attached


For an Adult (16 and older)

o  Please attach the original birth document for adult applying

o  A valid copy of the identification of the front and back needed

o  Copy of id needs to be signed by the guarantor

o  A guarantor declaration is needed to be attached


Guarantor- Who can sign?

o  18 and over

o   Knows the applicant for a least 2 years

o   A first nation representative

o   A medical professional

o   An educational professional

* A family member can only sign if they meet all the above conditions. 


The following forms can be picked up from ACFN’s main office:

•  Registration forms for children & adults

•  Birth Certificate application


Status Cards:

•   SCIS and CIS cards can be done with the membership registrar, please call to make an appointment.


Have you recently received an Indian Status Number?


If you have received a 463 Indian status number from Canada, then you will need to complete a Form 1B Request for Registration of an Adult Child of a Member to be added in to ACFN’s community database.


Please note that ISC’s Indian Registry List do not automatically match ACFN’s Indian Registry list, it is the person’s responsibility to contact the Membership Registrar when they receive a 463 number to ensure that they complete the Form 1B.


If you are applying to transfer to ACFN, then the deadline is June 30:

  • The applicant has Indian status from Canada

  • At least one of the applicant’s parents are ACFN

  • The Applicant fills out Form 2 Application for Registration of as Member

  • The Applicant returns Form 2 to the Membership Registrar by June 30

  • The Membership Committee reviews the application in September

  • The individual is notified of the decision

For further information, contact:

Candace Voyageur, Membership  Registrar


Tel: 780-697-3730 

Do you need to update your address or other Member information?

You can now update online here:

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