Social Development

ACFN's Social Development program delivers a number of programs and services to support ACFN members.


Adult Care Program

The goal of this program is to provide services for First Nation people living on reserve with functional limitations. These limitations are often due to old age, disability or health problems and can result in necessary long term care. There are three components to this program: in-home care, foster care and institutional care. The social development officer for the band determines who is eligible through the financial and social needs of the client.

Social Assistance Program

ACFN administers the on-reserve social assistance program. The goal of the program is to provide people and families with the basic necessities of life like food, shelter and clothing. INAC provides the funding for this program, but ACFN delivers the programs to ACFN members.


Child & Family Services

Athabasca Tribal Council's (ATC) Child & Family Services department handles all of the on-reserve child and family service issues. The ultimate goal of this department is to protect children.


For more information contact: ATC Child & Family Services: 780-713-3437


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For more information, contact:

Pauline White, ACFN Social Development